To help you know more about Harbor Group and our business, please review a compiled list of  Frequently Asked Questions. If you have further questions please contact us at quotes@harbor-group.com.


What does Harbor Group do?

Harbor Group is a Vertically Integrated Apparel Manufacturing company, providing production, design, and private label services for the knitwear industry.

What Production Services do we have?

Harbor Group can customize and produce your order from the knitting of your fabric to the shipping of your garments. As a vertical manufacturer of knitwear garments, our goal is to provide services to meet our customer’s diverse production needs.

This means we buy the yarn, dye it to specification, knit it into fabric, then cut and sew it into garments, adding private label tags and labels.  We then can add prints or other appliqués or pack & ship blank goods, to wherever you desire.

Where is Harbor Group located?

Harbor Groups Headquarters and Sales Office is located in Dallas, Texas and we produce the garments in our factory in Mexico. Please view Contact Us Page and Our Factory page for more information.

What kind of garments does Harbor Group produce?

Mostly Men’s and Women’s T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Sweatpants, Shorts and other custom made active wear garments, in a number of different fabrics and trims.

What is the process for me to start working with Harbor Group?

We start by providing you with a quote a price, sample, or both based on information you give us on the products you want to make. Send us a sample of the garment, or a set of specs, a picture, or a drawing, along with information on the quantity, fabric content, weight, and sizes needed. We will then quote or create a sample based on your needs.

What is the Lead Time to produce my garments?

In most cases, customers receive complete shipments within eight to ten weeks of placing a new order and just six weeks for replenishments. This is true even on completely customized products.